Fast for me, slow for you

Lots going on

The stuff that’s been rattlin’ ’round in my head has been coming at a breakneck pace.

For me, anyway.

For the rest of the folks around me, I’ve been very quiet — especially on FB, Twitter, etc.

Sorting things out as I go… with a number of works in progress.

There’s the Paris – In and Out book, which I haven’t forgotten about.

There’s a handful of essays covering subjects from “Good and Evil”  … to an exploration of “what 5 choices/actions make us stupid or smart” … and a larger Work which underlies it all, concering “Matter, Space, and Time and its role in shaping our Reality (M/S/T/R)”

At this point, my M/S/T/R Work boils down and bubbles up to the following:

  • Matter does not exist as we typically understand it.
  • Space does not exist as we typically understand it.
  • Time exists – but not the way we think it does. The way we usually conceptualize it is sorta-kinda way off.
  • Reality exists (now is not the time to argue with me – you’ll have your chance later) — and there are common-sense tests for it that appear to have arisen out of my cosmology of Matter, Space, and Time.

So, yeah… I’ve been pretty busy. It’s just that nobody else has been able to tell.


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I'm a writer, poet, and artist... a technologist and a thinker, independently living my life.
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