Oh, Lord… Brainpickings will be the end of me

My latest vice: brainpickings.org – a regularly updated site, bringing you all sorts of tasty bits about awesome books, inspiring ideas, and art that deserves to be seen.

You should visit the site, bookmark it, follow it, dive deeply, and explore. Now.

And return frequently for more.

At your own peril, of course. Don’t blame me, if you lose more time than planned, by following links, reading and thinking, thinking and reading some more.

It’s causing serious disruption to my life — more than Facebook ever did. No offense to any of my FB friends, but the steady stream of heady info that comes out of Brainpickings is the kind of stuff I want to invest in. Voluntarily. In detail. In depth. For hours. Days. Weeks. Months. Every waking moment, on some days.

So many ideas, so little time.

Brainpickings, thanks for everything.

And nothing.

🙂 😦


About Kay Lorraine

I'm a writer, poet, and artist... a technologist and a thinker, independently living my life.
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