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Passing it on – online

I’ve been looking around for opportunities to turn my “Landing Softly In Paris” project into a course, and over the weekend, I discovered Udemy — “the world’s online learning marketplace” which boasts over 5 million students, more than 12,000 instructors, and 22,000 courses. By the time I’m done, they’ll have even more courses than that — I’ve signed up to produce my first course by the end of March, and I’m looking to be on track.

I’ve been doing training, myself, for a number of years, now. I’ve trained many, many people in the different jobs I’ve had. And I’ve trained people independently, as well.I intermittently teach folks how to use Audacity, a free audio editor that’s quite powerful. It’s fun — but it can take a fair amount of juggling to sort out schedule commitments. And the retired individuals (who have been the folks I’ve trained) have had schedules that were even more packed than my own.

Anyway, the idea of time-independent training has appealed to me for some time. There’s a lot that I know about a variety of things, from travel to technology to finding a job and keeping employed over the long term. There are certain specific things I’ve discovered that really work — and not just for me. Sharing those things with others can only help, I’m thinking. In any case, I always end up chatting with people and sharing new information, just out of the blue, so why not put some structure to that and reach a wider audience? After all I’ve done and experienced, it seems a shame to not pass it on.

So, I’m building out a Udemy course for Landing Softly in Paris. The last sections of the book are queued up to publish on my blog over the next week (ah, the magic of WordPress and scheduling your posts for the days and times you want them to “land”), and I’m leveraging them for my course sections. And since I already have a structure for the work — and the book itself is very targeted and not that long — it’s a good place to start.

This is just the start, too. For this year, I’ve mapped out about six different courses I can build — some larger than others — in a couple of different topics. All of it is fascinating to me, and I love to talk about it and share with others. If all goes to plan, by the time this work is done, there will be a bit more happiness in the world.


About Kay Lorraine

I'm a writer, poet, and artist... a technologist and a thinker, independently living my life.
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