Okay, so what if there were a way to just let others “be”…?

It’s all in there

What if there were a belief system that actually “allowed” others to believe what they do, and completely respect those beliefs as valid for them, regardless of whether or not you agree?

What if there were a way to reconcile both the absence of duality and the pervasive nature of it?

What if there were a way to reconcile the co-existence of good and evil, without negating or watering down the very nature of each?

What if there were away to accommodate, well… everything? (Of course, with the understanding that “accommodating” doesn’t mean declaring the whole lot “super fantastic” and realizing that certain things produce effects that are indeed harmful to others and aren’t the healthiest of choices for humanity, regardless of your world view.)

For some time, now, I’ve had a very different belief in what constitutes Time, Space, and Matter. It’s different from how I used  to conceptualize them, which was standard-issue three-dimensional  height-weight-depth, with time being a fourth dimension.

Plenty of people believe it, plenty of people agree that that’s how things work.

I’ve read a lot of papers and writing and books ‘n’ such over the years — quantum physics, and whatnot. Some of it fringe. Some of it alternative. Some of it mainstream. I’m a huge fan of David Bohm and his concept of the Implicate Order. His work helped set me on the path that got me here.

But I’m not one for only reading. Even more I believe in observing, reflecting, and putting what one reads to the test.

Long story short, I realized about a year and a half ago that I don’t actually believe in time, space, or matter, as they are popularly defined. I don’t believe that we create our lives. I don’t believe that we create anything.

We perceive. We discover. We uncover. We discern. We detect.

I believe that every single experience, phenomenon, material object, and dynamic is resident in the comprehensive Whole, and that the world as we experience it is actually based on what our systems are able to detect from the Whole.

What is that “what” which we detect?

Qualitative Frequency “Signatures” of energy — patterns our systems pick up and order in a way that makes sense to our brains, our bodies, our hearts, and our spirits.

Rather than “attracting” things to us, we actually refine our ability to detect specific patterns from the Whole, and the result is a seeming “manifestation” of what we have “created”.

We haven’t created anything. We haven’t manifested anything.

We simply became capable of detecting the Qualitative Frequency Signatures of the conditions we encounter.

I haven’t the faintest idea if this makes sense to anyone else, but I guess I’ll find out…

For the meantime, I’ll be refining this view and — now and then — writing about it, as it comes clearer for me.

In my view, this approach resolves a truckload of philosophical and logistical issues that have confounded science — and not only does it resolve a ton of conflicts, but it also explains and allows for those conflicts as perfectly fine and valid parts of our collective unfolding process.

More to come. Perhaps.

We’ll see.


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