Sometimes we all need a fresh start

tree-budsAnd I’m no different. After years of consideration, and then a tentative trying-on of the idea, I’ve decided to shift all my art and writing (novels, poetry, essays) under a new pen name Kay Lorraine.


The main factor that’s moved me towards this, is an increasing need to have my writing in its own space, in its own little world. For over 25 years, I’ve been professionally active in high tech as “Kay Stoner”, and I want to keep that activity associated with that name. It needs to be in its own space. With its own Twitter handle, etc.

My writing, however, is my own. It’s always been in a dimension unto itself, and now it needs another moniker.

So, there ’tis – if you want to read my writing, you can find me over at




About Kay Stoner

I'm an independent writer, editor, and trainer, specializing in helping people get - and keep - their jobs.
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