How to match your resume to the position you are applying to?

Here’s some great guidance about how to do the seemingly impossible — revise your resume to fit the job you’re going after. The same principles apply, when you’re trying to attract recruiters who are looking to fill certain types of positions. You don’t need to wait till you find a job to update your resume. You can also updated it to match yourself with a the potential “kind” of job you want to get.

Remember, hiring managers and recruiters are often looking for specific types of skills and abilities and backgrounds, so match your resume to not only the job you’re going after right now, but the kind of job you’re going after in the future.

Great read – check it out!

You will often hear recruiters saying that it is important to match your resume to the position you are applying to… But what does this mean exactly and how do you achieve it?

It means that you will need to do some active and in-between the lines reading to build a tailored resume for each role you are applying to. Here’s how to do it in 3 steps:

  • Look at the requirements and description of tasks carefully

The first step when you read a job description to build your resume is to look at the requirements and analyze them. Look at the IT skills you will need, the education degree, the years of experience, the soft skills needed etc.… This will give you a first idea of what type of profile they are looking for.

When you analyze the description of the tasks, it is important to note that most…

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