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Okay, so what if there were a way to just let others “be”…?

What if there were a belief system that actually “allowed” others to believe what they do, and completely respect those beliefs as valid for them, regardless of whether or not you agree? What if there were a way to reconcile … Continue reading

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Paris on my mind

After many half-starts and false-starts… thinking and not thinking… reacting and resolving to not react… the words I would like to say about the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris earlier this week, just won’t seem to materialize. … Continue reading

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Fast for me, slow for you

The stuff that’s been rattlin’ ’round in my head has been coming at a breakneck pace. For me, anyway. For the rest of the folks around me, I’ve been very quiet — especially on FB, Twitter, etc. Sorting things out … Continue reading

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