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Recruiters are good friends of mine

When I was first getting into the job market, back in 1987, I didn’t hear many good things about recruiters. People called them “headhunters” and dismissed them. However, based on what I’d seen in the world, it seemed to me … Continue reading

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Sometimes we all need a fresh start

And I’m no different. After years of consideration, and then a tentative trying-on of the idea, I’ve decided to shift all my art and writing (novels, poetry, essays) under a new pen name Kay Lorraine.   The main factor that’s moved me … Continue reading

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Let the Candy Countdown Begin!

How Long Till the Halloween Haul Runs Out? Get ready for the Monday morning after Halloween, folks – everywhere you look, there will likely be piles of candy hauled in by eager youngsters, this past Saturday night. And after a … Continue reading

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There’s a word for that

It’s been over six months, since I posted anything here on this blog. Life has been busy. In the time since my last post, I went from a purportedly stable long-term contract situation at a nearby office of a Massachusetts-grown … Continue reading

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Big Lessons: Traffic boosts and content creation

So, here’s a challenge… I have a site where I’m sharing all the lessons I learned about traveling to and from Paris. It’s called Paris – In and Out. I used to have a job that took me to Paris, … Continue reading

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Homeless… and happy

Note: This is NOT a commentary on how anyone else should or could feel, when they’re facing adversity, particularly homelessness. Nor is it a “recipe” for how to be less miserable when life flat-out sucks. It’s just a story about … Continue reading

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Springing the language traps

On my weekly Sunday morning walk, I thought about language, jargon, and conceptual “containers” we use to wrap up seemingly complex ideas into bite-size bits. We all have a lot going on, these days, so being able to encapsulate complex … Continue reading

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