CycloPraxis listing - Author/Inventor, Builder, Capitalizer, Captain, Extender
Find your best work, by learning how you work best

CycloPraxis is one of the most under-utilized ways to truly understand dynamics of teams, projects, product lifecycles, and enterprise interactions. It’s also surprisingly overlooked, when it comes to helping people figure out what direction to take in their career. Whether it’s picking a line of work out of college, or adjusting your career path to meet changing professional goals, CycloPraxis can be hugely beneficial in understanding what you’ve got to work with — and how to use it best.

CycloPraxis identifies the natural working preferences of employees according to the lifecycle stage of a business.

The classic match between worker and job is function:  operations, manufacturing, marketing, finance, sales, development, etc.  Certainly it is important to match job function to an individual’s preferences.  There is another equally important dimension to the fit between workers and their jobs:  CycloPraxis.

Source: OVERVIEW: CycloPraxis by Doug Johnson

At, we dig into the concepts of CycloPraxis and exploring the four different praxes (working styles) which occur and interact in business and society:

  • Author/Inventor
  • Builder
  • Capitalizer (a Captain is an uber-Capitalizer who, as the name implies, likes to run the show)
  • Extender

At this site, we’ll discuss how understanding your own personal praxis (and other working modes), can help you identify the correct career path and job opportunities that are the best fit for you, as well as identify which opportunities do not bode well for your future.

Additionally, we’ll talk about how you can effectively interact with people with other praxes, so you can make the most of all the opportunity life has to offer.