Getting To Work

buildings-blueThere’s no doubt, the job market is tough, these days. But in my world, I’m not sure it’s ever been any different. I first entered the full-time employment scene around the time that Black Friday happened in 1987. I was living in the New York metropolitan area at the time. And as the stock market tanked, so did the job market.

But I still managed to find a job. And then another. And then another.

Except for a one-week break in 1993 when a company I worked for went into Chapter 11, I’ve been continuously employed since 1988. That’s meant nearly 30 years of steady income, as well as a resume that has no interruptions, which is money in the bank. Ask any recruiter. No breaks in your resume is a good thing.

That doesn’t happen by chance. It’s not the result of only luck or only hard work, but a combination of the two — plus always keeping an eye out for opportunity. Despite majoring in German and Anthropology (which I was assured would never lead to gainful employment or a secure future), I’ve done extremely well for myself and managed to provide for my household in ways that no one probably ever imagined I would — or could.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to do something similar for yourself — build long-term success and a strong professional foundation, no matter what the job market conditions or your apparent qualifications, Getting to Work is where you’ll find tips, tricks, and insights on how you can make the most of the circumstances where you find yourself, build a solid career from the ground up, transition to a whole new direction, or just find new ways to leverage what you’ve got into something more.

I’m a big believer in hard work and jumping at opportunities that cross your path. I’m also a big believer in information — sharing what I’ve learned, so others can benefit, as well. I hope you’ll join me.