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Sometimes we all need a fresh start

And I’m no different. After years of consideration, and then a tentative trying-on of the idea, I’ve decided to shift all my art and writing (novels, poetry, essays) under a new pen name Kay Lorraine.   The main factor that’s moved me … Continue reading

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Corporate… and Creative?

So, you’re looking for ways to make a living and make your art… You’re committed to your craft. Your novel. Your poetry. Your painting. Your drawing. Your mixed media. Or your dance. Your deepest desire is to develop your voice … Continue reading

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“Poetry doesn’t pay!” At least, not in the old model.

I’ve been writing since I was about eight years old. My first writing project was a collection of short stories about a pebble and his friends, and their adventures in a stream. I wrote four stories, one for each season. … Continue reading

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Oh, Lord… Brainpickings will be the end of me

My latest vice: brainpickings.org – a regularly updated site, bringing you all sorts of tasty bits about awesome books, inspiring ideas, and art that deserves to be seen. You should visit the site, bookmark it, follow it, dive deeply, and … Continue reading

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Everybody thinks I’m rich

It’s the weirdest thing. A lot of folks seem to think I come from money, or that I have a lot of money. True, I do live in an affluent community, and I worked for one of the world’s most … Continue reading

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